Lint Remover Reviews

on April 30, 2015
I don't usually review products, but I had to take a minute to write a review of this lint remover because it is actually awesome. I have bought a few battery-operated lint shaver thingies over the years, and they all more or less sucked. I thought I'd give it one last try with this one because the reviews were good, and I have a lot of sweaters. I don't know what the difference is with this particular appliance - sharper blades? faster speed? slightly bigger surface area of the part that does the shaving? Don't know. What I do know is that this thing really, really works - it removes all of the annoying little pills from all of my sweaters - wool, cashmere, blends - and my sweaters look like new. Hooray! This one is a keeper. And, bonus -- the instructions (clearly written by a non-native English speaker) are HILARIOUS.
on April 2, 2016
Great lint remover. I finally replaced my fifteen year old battery operated unit. This one works so much better. Every review of the cheaper models I was considering said to pay a little more for a better quality unit. I'm so glad I did. I love that this charges--no more heavy C batteries that run out too fast. It even arrived pre-charged. And it does a great job on the fabrics I've tested it on so far: cashmere, acrylic, wool and cotton. Works better than my old one. The plastic cap around the blades' housing stops fabric from getting caught in the blades and tearing (which my old unit did all the time). Couldn't be happier with this purchase!
TOP 1000 REVIEWER on January 20, 2017
I've been sitting here pulling little stinky lint balls off our clothes with my fingers for years. Yes, I knew there were thins that could do this and give my fingers a rest, but I just never got in the mood to buy one. I made another purchase unrelated and this popped up as something others were looking at, so I said - what the heck. It was time.
This is a bit more expensive then most that run on batteries....but this gives you a charging cord, a little cleaner brush, and a new blade you're really getting more for your money. It's not just the machine.
Mine came and I immediately took it out and started using it - I didn't even charge it. It worked right away - I didn't have to charge it.

Now, I bought my husband a ton of brand new Dickie pants for work. He wore most of them, and I set out to wash them. Unfortunately, I neglected to look inside the washer, as I usually do, to make sure it was empty, or at least had the same kind of clothes in them ready to be washed, and I just tossed in the pants. It covered up the item sitting on the bottom. Fourteen pairs - yes! 14 pairs of Dickies are now hiding that beautiful white, super soft, fluffy, fuzzy *&^$#)@ blanket that I meant to wash. So, pants, all 14 brand new pairs, and that stinking blanket are being squished all around the washing machine. My husband had to help me get everything in the dryer because my back was hurting <remember I don't know that blanket is in there> so he gets everything, blanket included <because he thinks I put that blanket in there on purpose!> and throws in the dryer, puts in dryer sheets and proceeds to turn the dryer on.
An hour later, I go to take the pants out...and come unhinged as I see that stupid blanket has thrown up MILLIONS of cruddy little lint balls ALL. OVER. HIS. NEW. PANTS. I came very close to a nervous breakdown. Cussing like a sailor. Cried like a big old baby - yes I did. WHO in their right mind does that?!
I did only what I could think of....I got my trusty brand new lint remover sticky sheet rolls out and proceeded to get lint balls off 14 pairs of pants. I had 6...SIX brand new rolls. Yep....all 6 are gone baby gone.
My husband, the great guy he is, swears it's no big deal...we'll just wash them again!
Uh huh.

This little machine came in perfect time. I went and got all 14 pairs of pants that were just covered in tiny little white balls <all the pants were dark - black, blue, green...etc.> and sat on my couch for the long haul.
This lint removing machine removed every single stinking white lint ball from every pair of pants. They looked brand new. Seriously!
It was very easy to use. Turn it on, go side to side slowly so it gets everything, turn off, remove lint tray cover, empty, put cover back on and go at it again. I did have to figure out that cover though because if you don't put it on correctly - it doesn't shut properly and then you have all kinds of crud flying in the air. <yep I did that too> . I have yet to plug it in and charge it. I've used it a ton, and it's still going strong. T-Shirts, Sweatpants, my hubby's work pants, some sweaters...all look great.
I'm so happy with this I may purchase a few more, just to have.
Worth every penny, in my opinion.

on January 9, 2017
The product itself meets expectations. It appears to be a rechargeable, and it ran adequately right out of the box even though the manufacturer states it requires 8 hours charging time. If it runs more robustly after I finish the charge I will be ecstatic . I used the lint remover to de-pill my LL Bean rag wool sweater. It worked very well though one must be patient and not race thru the process. The sweater has been washed several time and worn by a hands on woman so pilling does happen. Though the sweater does not look like new, it looks well loved and tidy. I do have to admit that as nice as the brochure looks, the English translation is lacking. One must be patient here, as well. I would suggest that the manufacturer hire an English speaking professional translator to interpret their product instructions. Also, I may be missing something but it seems one needs to remove the head of the item to empty the lint chamber. Overall, I am very pleased and would recommend the product.
on December 21, 2016
Before this lint remover I had been using those teenie tiny $5 ones and figured this was the kind of product where you seen one you seen em all- figured the job it did was so simple that you couldn't really get a "better" one... WRONG! This lint remover is a powerful little guy! Love that it's rechargeable and that I won't have to replace battery after battery (the last I had ate up batteries sooo fast!). The charge seems to last quite some time- though admittedly, I went to plug it in before it died t's first time- but that was after 3 consecutive days of use at 1-1.5 hours (off and on) a day! It's nice that it comes with a spare blade- though I'm not sure what to look out for that will indicate that it needs changing, but nice that at least once I won't have to search around to find a blade that fits, give up after 5 min, order a whole new unit (classic me)
Ok, so- when it comes to the actual removing of lint, this thing can cover some serious ground! Obviously due to the 2" ish head, but I didn't think something just and inch or so larger in diameter than all the other 1" removers I've used, but this is way more than twice as fast! I have a ratty old pair of bill Murray sweatpants that are my favorite but has pilling on the inside (making wearing them to bed uncomfortable for me) as well as pilling on the outside which also attracts and holds into lint/pet hair (making it uncomfortable for my hubby when his legs brush against them... which he avoids if I'm in these scratchy pjs). The motor is nice and strong- only 1-2 passes necessary to remove all lint! Not only does the size of the head make for speedy delinting, the size of the handle is large enough to have a nice hand grip, and with it being light weight it's easy on the hand while using it!
Now some cons- I did use this while the battery was running low and decided to plug it in- great that it still runs plugged in, not so great that it doesn't seem to draw power from the charge and is only at its max power when it's fully charged up.
Not sure if using one of these on fleece is a known no no, but I wouldn't recommend on that fabric ( thou ironic since it's the most prone to pilling). The fibers of the fleece seemed to get caught in the motor/spinny part behind the blade to get stuck and move slowly/not at all. An easy enough fix- just twist off the ring, remove the guard, pull off the blade, pull off the obstruction, repeat in the opposite order- but may as well save yourself the minor annoyance and avoid fleece items. No problems with other fabrics!
This is definitely a great lint remover and the best I've used- I can't say for durability over time as its new, but my favorite Jammie's are rejuvenated, and me, my hubs, and bill Murray have been sleeping more comfortably because of it!
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on January 1, 2017
This works perfect. My sofa cushions were looking terrible with all the built up little fuzz balls. This thing worked wonders. I will attach a photo of a treated cushion next to an untreated cushion. Each cushion took about 20 min to complete which was much longer than expected but well worth it at the end. Also, it it fills up rather quickly so I had to empty it out 4-5 times per cushion. I have yet to use it on other more sensitive fabrics such as clothes but I do not believe it will be a problem for them at all. Would highly recommend.
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on March 1, 2017
I AM OBSESSED! A friend told me to get a lint remover a while ago and I finally got around to getting one. I chose this particular model because it was rechargable. IT WORKS perfectly!! I am a fan of large purses and many of my clothes pill because my bags rub against my clothes. This happened with a particularly favorite coat of mine. I was disappointed and afraid I was going to have to throw it away because of all of the pilling. This totally fixed it! It looks brand new!!!
on March 5, 2017
I am very pleased with this lint remover. I had a shawl that I was going to throw away which is why I ordered this product. After using the lint remover, I will purchase this for family for Christmas gifts. I am now looking for clothing items to use this on. Definitely a great purchase. I look for things that are full of link so that I can use this product.
on March 26, 2017
Handy little gizmo. I like it a lot, construction is pretty sturdy and depills fabric pretty quickly. Rechargeable means saving on batteries and no worries about having to change batteries (or having to go buy them). Shipping was fast and packaging was undamaged by post office (which tends to be fairly rare here in Alaska).
on March 15, 2017
It was larger than we expected but works great.We had trouble getting the lint catcher compartment off. We are 70 + years old. the little protrusions to increase your grip and pulling force didn't do the job. Our 20 year old grand son was able to get it off'. With him doing this a few times it loosened up so we can now do it. In the process the lint catcher got cracked but still does what it was do. Really like its being rechargeable.

Car Sun Shades Reviews

on September 24, 2016
These are very good Car Sun Shades. I have tinted windows and as can be seen in the picture they are pretty dark. Not incredibly (the picture over exaggerates a bit) but they definitely make a difference. Just make sure the window is perfectly clean when installing or they will wrinkle up and fall off sooner rather than later. This is very important. A little moisture when applying is a good idea but not much, really, just a tiny bit to help it adhere. The design isn't that cute but that's clear in the picture. Maybe the next model will be more cute. These would be perfect for kids who have a specific animal in mind that they really love. My kids love Penguins so those are the ones we chose.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a good review, just an honest one.
review image review image
on November 5, 2016
This is a great product, my daughter hates having the sun in her face when she's in the car which drove me to find some sort of shade for her window. When I came across this one I loved it because of all the cute animals, I picked the elephant one. It came with two of them which was nice, it's easy to set up, I like how you can re-apply them, just have to careful of air bubbles. And I personally don't think it creates a bad blind spot. Overall it's a great, fun product, highly recommend.
review image
on December 12, 2016
Easy to apply, sticks nicely and absolutely adorable! I wish there was a larger size, fits well in my small car but a little too small for my husband's truck. If it was bigger I could also put it on the back window. Overall great product. Some people said they couldn't see through it which I don't understand. The design makes it about the easiest sun shade to see through, in my opinion.
on December 10, 2015
I like the Elephants. I just think I need to use a blow dryer to get it to lay flat. Its' winter and the window is cold. Trick: if you spray soaping water on the window and the squeegee it on, you can move the bubble out from under Its a bit small over all easy and inexpensive.
on June 9, 2016
Loved it! it works great, it was very simple to instal and it just looks like it belongs there.
on December 21, 2015
love this.. you can still roll down the window
on December 10, 2016
Arrived on time and in good shape. It's a Christmas present for my grandson who is four months old and I know he'll enjoy looking at the elephants as he rides.
on November 22, 2016
Really nice sun film. Not flimsy, and much better than other ones Ihave had. My grandson loves the monkey. Great quality for a very reasonable price.
on February 15, 2017
Very good product, one thing I would change is the size to make them larger but I am very pleased
on January 24, 2017
Very cute my daughter loves the mommy and baby polar bear set.
on December 11, 2016
So So cute, I love them. Great price, good product..