Car Sun Shades - 2 Pack - Friendly ZOO Animals, Protects Kids from Harmful UV Rays, Self Adhesive, Easy to Install, Doesn´t Block the View - Able to Scroll the Window

  • FUN ANIMAL DESIGN - Little ones will just love being entertained by the cute zoo animal illustrations
  • PROTECTION - Unique materials effectively block out harmful UV rays to protect babies & children
  • DURABLE - Revolutionary, strong PVC high quality film for easy cleaning and long lasting quality
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Amazingly easy installation & removal features, without suction cups
  • INTERIOR SHIELD - Protect against the premature deterioration of fabric & vinyl & leader

Do you hate looking in the rear view mirror only to find your kids uncomfortably squinting from the sun?

Even with tinted windows, the sun still shines through your car. Well, now you can finally stop searching for the safe and reliable car shades you´ve been looking for!

Besides the effectiveness and safety (which includes easy installation - without dealing with any dangerous wires or constantly failing suction cups), every package of static cling car shades comes with images that will keep your child entertained and educated while on the road. That´s why we bring the Friendly Zoo Animals Edition, with unique pictures of animals that your little ones will absolutely love!

Just easily apply to block the sun from your children's faces while riding in the backseat, and let their imagination fly: "Mom, how big are elephants? Where do they live? Dad, do penguins have feathers, or fur? How fast they can swim? Tell me, what do meerkats eat? Why are monkeys so closely related to human beings?" These drawings were created by a young Indian artist who has been living closely surrounded by animals, so the final look of the drawings we bring to your babies seem as vivid and natural as they are in the zoo or in the wild.

Because of the special material with which they are made, ( a high quality PVC durable material film) installation is quick and easy, as well as re-positioning, and removal to fold and store for later use. You can use them comfortably not just in your car, but they can also be applied to create a large, continuously shielded area to block harmful UV rays in children´s rooms, or generally on larger glass surfaces, to stop sun rays from sharply shining into your house or flat.

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by T. George on Car Sun Shades

These are great for blocking that bright light from your children's face when in the car- They are cute to look at- but my granddaughter asked why the monkey was going potty! (hey she is three, she does kind of look like it 🙂 They installed quickly and effortlessly- some instructions would be nice - but I have worked with items like this and know to only peel back about an inch then adhere and quickly pull the backing from the underside quickly- I then took a squeegee to ensure no bubbles remained- There is no adhesive- so no sticky mess- they are static cling so they can be removed and replaced over and over. The Meerkat is really cute too-They were not visible from the outside of my vehicle, They almost created a mirror like effect. I drive a mid Size SUV- and they did create a huge blind spot for me- I could put on the drivers side second row and not obstruct my vision. I may just use in the house on the storm door or picture window-I had the opportunity to review this product at no cost for testing, inspecting and reviewing it. I was not compensated for this review and this is my opinion based on my experience with this product. I hope you have found my review was helpful!